Need some team or spirit wear?

Needing clothing or other products for you sports team, club, school, or corporation? Let Vermont Green Printing create a Web Store specific to your needs.

How does it work?

We create mock ups of the products you want with your logo on them. We set up a store with your own specific web address like vermontscreenprinting.com/YourTeam. You choose an order deadline date. We make the store live. You tell your team or company about the store. Within two weeks of the deadline we deliver all the orders to your facility. The orders are separated by customer. All you have to do is pass them out to your colleagues or teammates. No upfront payment is needed.


Give us a call 802-888-9600 or email vtgreenprinting@gmail.com to discuss your needs. Our sales team is looking forward to hearing from you.


Yes. We can mark the price of the products up above your cost to accommodate profitability for fund raising. Once all the orders are in, Vermont Green Printing will send you a check for the profits.

Yes. You should receive an email order confirmation instantly upon placing your order. If you did not receive an email confirmation please send us an email vtgreenprinting@gmail.com or give us a call 802-888-9600.

All orders will be processed 2-3 weeks after the store deadline.  Check the store logo on our Active Web Stores page for the deadline date. Vermont Green Printing will deliver all the orders from your store to your team or company representative.

Yes. During checkout there will be an option to pay for USPS shipping of your order. We ship domestic and internationally.

No. All products are made to order. We do not accept exchanges or returns. If we make an error with the spelling of a name, printing the wrong number, sending the wrong size/color product, or send a defective product, we will replace the product.

Customization on items is determined by your team or company contact.  We cannot add any additional customization that is not approved or offered to all on the web store.  

In each item description there will be a link to a size chart and specifications. Please refer to the charts as returns and exchanges are not permitted. If still unsure of sizing email vtgreenprinting@gmail.com for further information.

The short answer is no. If you call 802-888-9600 within 48 hours of the deadline we may be able to process your order, but it is unlikely. Normally, we begin processing the orders the next business day after the deadline. Once we have ordered garments, names, and numbers for your store’s orders, it does not make sense to process one more order.