About Us

Why Green?

Vermont Green Printing is a mid-sized screen print shop in central Vermont. We incorporated the word green into our name for two reasons. First and foremost is our love of Vermont, the Green Mountain State. Secondly, to signify our commitment to running our business with as little environmental impact as possible.

Why Water Base Inks?

Screen printing can be a toxic process. For over 25 years we have been screen printing exclusively with water base inks. Many of our water base inks contain no solvents and use of water base inks eliminates the need for solvents during cleanup. Water base prints are durable, vibrant, and, in many cases, breathe-able. Printing with water base inks has its challenges, but we feel the final product is better quality than solvent based prints and better for the environment.

Our opaque inks are 100% solvent-free, environmentally friendly, and do not contain PVC or phthalates. They also do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, lead, heavy metals or toxic chemicals, making them safe to print on anything, even baby clothes. 

In 2022 we adopted the use of an Algae Black ink. Algae Ink is a unique, innovative, environmentally-friendly, specialty sprinting ink. It is similar to many traditional inks, except that the pigment component is completely bio-based and renewable.

We Hate Plastics

Vermont Green Printing is committed to reducing the amount of plastics we consume. In 2021 we switched to compostable mailers made entirely of plant matter with the goal of phasing out the use of plastic mailers. We try to steer our customers away from products and manufacturers that use excess packaging resulting in less plastic ending up in landfills.

We Have Only Just Begun

Owner and founder John Goodhue first picked up a squeegee in his 8th grade graphics arts class in 1978 (that’s right…he is old). Screen printing has come a long way since then with countless innovations. Unfortunately, many of the innovations that helped many screen printer’s profit margins grow have been detrimental to the environment. Vermont Green Printing is committed to find new and safer methods of producing our products with less and less harm to the environment. We will always be willing make changes in our process, regardless of how it affects our bottom line, to run our business with less environmental impact. That is our promise.